Routinehub report | Total downloads

A simple version of the Routinehub report shortcut


Fill out your RH username once and run it as much as you like. The shortcut will remember your username and fetch your download counts.

If you want an extended report of all your shortcuts please check my Routinehub report shortcut. It fetches all your shortcuts just by filling out your username.

Saves the number of downloads if you run it, so if you run it the next time it will display the difference in downloads.

For example on Thursday you have 950 downloads and you run the shortcut the value saved will be 950. If you run it again on the Friday and you have let's say 970 downloads the shortcut will tell you the following.

Previous downloads: 950 Current downloads: 970 Number of downloads since last check: 20

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1.2 - Nov. 9, 2019, 12:54 p.m.

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