Gældmanager (iOS 12)

(DANISH) Type in what you owe people, and quickly open MobilePay to pay them back later.



Maybe sometimes you know the feeling of not being able to afford to pay back the small amounts that you owe people? Open Gældmanager and type in the amount, their number and what you owe them for.

Then, after payday, open up Gældmanager, and with two taps you send the money their way with MobilePay.

Doesn't get easier!

Planned features:
- Notifications when it's time to pay them back.
- Date for when you started owing them the money.
- Displaying name in "Vis posteringer", not just phone number.

Known bugs:
- Sometimes MobilePay just opens up, without initiating transaction. This is a bug in MobilePay. You can restore the deleted entry from the "Mere" menu option.


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Latest Release Notes

1.21 - June 20, 2019, 9:04 a.m.

* Automatic dependency installation.

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