Rogue Siri

A short visual novel where your virtual assistant goes rogue!


A story about a virtual assistant who’s gone rogue!


• 6 different endings + Achievements!

• Tinkering with files.

• Lots of dumb humor.

• A simple story.

• Voice Acting from your beautiful phone.

Make sure you listen to every bit of information the game gives to you! It might be useful later...

Enjoy! -e10.

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Latest Release Notes

Final 15.0 - Sept. 1, 2022, 3:22 p.m.

- Accommodations for iOS 15: Replaced outdated actions with new ones, updated comment terminology, and the lock sound works properly now.

- The game restores the previous brightness percentage after doing a little trolling.

- The passcode section now displays the correct prompt for inputs with more than 4 digits.

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