Contact Any Developer You Want!


For Users:

This shortcut is the best way to contact any developer that is registered with this shortcut! All you have to do is type in their contact code, and type in your question and email! The developer that you have contacted will get your message and will reply when they can! That's it!

You can get contact codes from developers themselves. If they are registered with Contact a Developer, they will make their code public for anyone to see. You will then be able to contact them as soon as you want!

My contact code is: SadFarm1

You can use my code to contact me through this shortcut, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

For Developers

This shortcut is the best way for people to contact you! The users just need to do a few things, and they are ready to go! The users that want to contact you, will send a message, and you will get the message via Slack. You can then take their email and respond! This way, the user doesn't have to go through the hassle of getting your email and contacting you.

Get Started

You first will need to set up an API via Slack. This is very easy, and a tutorial is provided here. After following the steps in the tutorial, your contact code should be online within 24 hours. You can check by sending yourself test questions through this shortcut with this code.

Use it as a drop-in Contacter

If you want the user to contact you directly from within your shortcut, you can make this shortcut a drop-in shortcut. You can use it like this: You should then open the link of this page.

Make Users Contact you From the Web

You can make users contact you from my shortcut with the web. Just link this url wherever you want people to contact you from. Here is the URL:

shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=ContactKit&input=[your code]

Make sure to replace [your code] with your approved code.

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