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Updates. Fast.


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Updates. Fast.

LightningUpdate is the Fastest Updater for your shortcuts.

warning iGotTech have acquired LightningUpdate. iGotUpdate Users should use LightningUpdate.

iOS 12

This is the version of LightningUpdate for iOS 12, it will still run with any shortcuts that implemented the iOS 13 version as the name of the shortcut is the same, it is just different actions so it is still compatible with iOS 12.

iOS 13


Updater Performance
UpdateKit 4.541 Seconds
Check For Updates 45.873 Seconds
LightningUpdate 0.12 Seconds

For Developers

Key Features

• No Hassle

Users don’t have to click anything and don’t even notice the update process unless there is an update to download!

• Fast

Your users will hate waiting around at the start of the shortcut to check for updates, that’s why LightningUpdate is the fastest updater for RoutineHub!


Making your shortcut compatible with LightningUpdate is simple. Just use the actions below.

How to Implement


Please provide the badge with the following Markdown code on your RoutineHub page.

[![LightningUpdate]( LightningUpdateBadge.png)](


LightningUpdate iOS 12 does not support multi-decimal version numbers.

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by Kindredcashew98

Latest Release Notes

2.9 - Nov. 18, 2019, 7:46 a.m.

Major rework
+ Makes LightningUpdate MUCH faster!
+ Removes “metadata” bug
+ Still check for own updates if not called LightningUpdate
+ Now checks for updates on the iOS 13 version not the iOS 12 one (facepalm)
+ Fully Worded Version Support
+ Oh, and did I mention it’s faster?
+ Oh wait, I did
- Nothing removed, just wanted to put this here

The fastest updater for RoutineHub
(Thanks Zachary)

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