LaundReminder (iOS 13+)

Set a laundry timer, reminder, or event easily!


LaundReminder (iOS 13)

LaundReminder aims to take laundry timers to the next level and be the last laundry timer you ever need. With support for custom and pre-programmed times for washers and dryers, and notification support for alarms, timers, reminders, and calendar events, you’ll be able to quickly set a reminder about your laundry any way that you want!


  • iOS 13+ and Shortcuts
  • UpdateKit (can be installed from the shortcut)
  • Enabling support for Shortcuts to access data in the Clock, Calendar, and Reminders app.


LaundReminder uses UpdateKit and will share updates through RoutinePub, both created by Mike Beasley.

Keywords: Laundry, timer, washer, dryer, clock, app, reminders, reminder, Fantastical, Calendar, Events, UodateKit

Latest Release Notes

2.3 - July 24, 2020, 10:19 p.m.

- iOS 14 Support (still works on iOS 13)
- Enhanced emoji support
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version history