iOS 12 Jailbreak Toolkit

A collection of the best jailbreak installers and utilities




The essential all-in-one toolkit for any device on iOS 12 to 12.4.

iOS 13 version has been made!

With this one Shortcut, you can:

  • Install jailbreak apps for free
  • Automatically update jailbreaks with ReProvision
  • Respring on any jailbroken device with a tap

This one Shortcut integrates my entire line of One Click Jailbreaks, JBRespring, and brand-new ReProvision Jailbreak Updaters, and UpdateHub/UpdateKit for maximum usablilty and usefulness.

Made by Randomblock1. Follow me on Twitter @randomblock1_ and press the like button on this RoutineHub page.

Latest Release Notes

4.0 - Aug. 21, 2020, 5:11 a.m.

FINAL UPDATE. iOS 12 has an all-version jailbreak: unc0ver. It’s unlikely this shortcut will ever need another update after installing that version of unc0ver.
Removed Unc0ver Dark (EOL)
Updated Unc0ver ReProvision method
Added RootlessJB4 to ReProvision
Fixed Ignition links
Fixed version bug

Version history