#NowPlaying (iOS 15)

Tweet currently playing local or Apple Music streaming song with album art and URL.


The most complete version of the #NowPlaying tweet generator shortcut.

  • Apple Music: Fetches album arts even when you're streaming directly from Apple Music without having it added to your music library.

  • iTunes Store purchased songs: Attaches purchase URL for the song even when it's not streamable from Apple Music.

  • Local songs (CD-ripped, downloaded, etc): Will use album art embedded in song if available. Tries to find a URL for a matching song in iTunes Store.

Now supports iOS 14+!

Tested to work on versions later than iOS 14 (14.0.1). Tested to work on latest version of iOS 15 (15.6).

(If you're using older versions of iOS, download appropriate versions from the version list).

2 ways to use this shortcut:

1. Trigger from Music app share button (Apple Music streamable tracks only)

Tap on the (・・・) actions button next to the song title of now playing screen, select Share Song, then Shortcuts to run this Shortcut from inside the app. Local album art and URL will be used in constructing tweet.

2. Run from inside the Shortcuts app

The shortcut will first look for an album art stored locally if it is available within the song currently playing; if album art is not found, shortcut will run a search on iTunes Store to find the closest match using the song title, artist name and album name, then fetch the album art.

A URL will also be added at the end if the song is available in Apple Music or iTunes Store.

Latest Release Notes

3.1.2 - Oct. 29, 2020, 4:53 p.m.

- Removes an unnecessary clipboard copy action that's only used for debugging.

Version history