Time Stamp (iOS 13) updated 09/09/2019

Comprehensive Calendar Tools


Time Stamp

  • Shortcut Required. - Demon Updater

  • Allows you to add Time Stamps
  • Birthdays
  • Weather
  • Historical Events
  • Current Location
  • Parking Location
  • Meetings
  • Holidays
  • Other
No need to add the name just chose what you want add and the Title will contain the categories title
  • Searching the Calendar
  • Today’s Events
  • Next Weeks
  • Last Month
  • Last Month
  • Next Month
  • Word Search (such as Dentist, Doctors, Lunchdate, Hospital, Drinks etc)

  • Searching is done with just one word, these are Title Headers

  • if you add the Weather each day you can see a weather history report
  • add your own Headers and search for them in a snip
  • Find and adjust times and dates quickly and easily just search a Title Header.
  • if you have added a Parked it will AUTOMATICALLY ADD AN ALARM FOR YOU IN 60 MINS.
  • Get a walking Map back to the stored Parked location
  • Easily Remove old Parked or saved Locations.
  • it’s a really simple tool to use an help you get your life well organised
  • if there are Travel Locations added you can get directions to the event
  • Show in Calendar
  • many other options to use with your Calendar

Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Sept. 9, 2019, 7:26 a.m.

Added in several new functions

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