Media Mutt

Download Photos and Videos from Anywhere


Media Mutt

Download Photos and Videos from Anywhere

Media Mutt is you all-in-one downloader for media pages on the web. It supports the most popular photo and video sharing sites and can support more with the help of addons.

The best feature? It doesn't use third-party websites to download. Everything is done within the shortcut*.

* Fine Print: Techinically, it does use a third-party website to combine audio and video for websites that stream them separately (Reddit, looking at you). Everything else happens within the shortcut.

iOS12 Only. Sorry Beta Users. I'll update when a stable version is released.

Supported Media Pages

Youtube videos • Instagram Posts • Reddit Posts Tumblr Posts • Imgur • Gfycat Streamable


Find Addons on RoutineHub

Creating Addons

If you are interested in authoring addons, check out the authoring guide.

Current Issues


Main Menu & Settings Addons About Screen & Downloads


  • I wouldn't have been able to build this complex shortcut without ScPL. Well I could but it would've taken me months. This took less than 2 weeks.
  • Icons from []
  • YouTube Downloading method -
  • Audio/Video merging:

Latest Release Notes

1.4.0 - Aug. 7, 2019, 8:53 a.m.

(new) Customizeable update frequency
(new) Adaptive menu when update is available
(new) Settings menu item are now in a fixed order
(new) Back menu items in Downloads and Remove Addons
(update) Icons for all menus
(fix) not able to find media file on

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