Trail Blazer - A Library Compiler

Manage your shortcut libraries intelligently.


Trail Blazer aims to increase code reuse, simplify the development of large shortcuts that have many dependencies, and reduce the volume of shortcuts occupying your library.

Part of the Intelligent Tools Collection

Source code available as a Trail Blazer project.

  • Compose many shortcuts into one
  • Manage changes with version control and differential tools.
  • Compile dependencies from a projects archives or remote sources when a shortcut isn’t installed.
  • Build against Routine Hub hosted dependencies without installing them. (experimental)
  • Project Workspaces to quickly switch between libraries.
  • Project changelog timeline

Change Management

As you save your project, changes are logged as differentials in time allowing any version to be restored.

Change Log Timeline

Differential saving enables the visualization of your change log and project evolution.

Diff Tools

Diff your file changes to keep track of your modification at the source level.

Project Dependency Management

With Trail Blazer you can compose several shortcuts into a single shortcut with one acting as a main function. Merging a web of dependent shortcut calls into a single recursive routine.

This tool is built with its self.

This tool is a composition of 22 shortcuts that work together to compile a single shortcut that can in turn compile it’s self and by extension, other projects.

This shortcut was compiled with Trail Blazer!

[![This shortcut was compiled with Trail Blazer!](](

Source code available as a Trail Blazer project.

Planned Features:

  • Static asset bundling. - Compile in images, documents, etc so they can be managed independently of the shortcuts app in Files.
  • Export / Import Trail Blazer projects & source code.
  • Share dependencies between shortcuts.
  • Debug Logging
  • Add support for compiling in an updater.
  • Merge import questions from all composed shortcuts.
  • Diff / Merge

Known Issues

  • Base64 decode of files to a shortcut input can lose its type at a shortcut recursion boundary requiring you to specify the file name before reading the variable.
  • Shortcuts app can freeze if you wait too long to install the output shortcut.
Supports This shortcut supports Swing Updater!

Latest Release Notes

1.3.10 - July 25, 2019, 5:19 a.m.

Fixed a bug in the compiler that corrupted dictionaries at the Passthrough boundary.

Version history