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Welcome to Shorty Music!

Languages: German, English

Ideal for Apple Music subscribers, listeners, music lovers and those who have a great media library.



The "Explore" section is the masterpiece of Shorty Music

Music Analysis

Shorty Music analyze your music library and give you corresponding suitable music suggestions
(before: Shorty Music suggests you random songs)

You'll get songs, artists, albums and playlist suggestions from us. With this way you'll rediscover your music library every time you start the program.

In "Explore" you can also:

• Create your own playlists
• Add songs to existing playlists
• Play songs in a random order (How many songs? You can choose)

Music Library

You want to know your song better? - Here you're right!

"Music Library" clarifes everything:

• When was the last time this song was played?
• When did I add this song to my library?
• How many times have I played this?
• Who's the artist?
• Is this hip-hop and rap or Pop?
and much more...

Personal Top 100 Charts

• Shorty Music shows your personal Top 100 of all time.

Control Centre

You can:

• Select songs, artists, albums and playlists and play it
• Play and Pause
• Jump forward and back and repeat
• Add songs to the queue
• Delete the queue
• Adjust volume
• Set a music timer

Shorty Music can also:

• Show you the volume (How loud it is)

Privacy & Security

The private and data-safe use of all users is guaranteed here at Shorty Music. All the data you have entrusted to Shorty Music will not be read and will remain in iCloud and on your device. Your data will only be used for this shortcut and won't be passed on to third parties from Shortycuts!
(No liability if companies like Apple collects data)


Shorty Music in Light mode

Shorty Music is also in Dark mode available


• Menu Builder by @entee
• MediaKit by @ROP
• Swing Updater by @D3W10
• English-Translation by Microsoft

If you would like to support me, simply write your ideas, wishes, problems and errors or constructive feedback in the comments. Please don't forget to leave a heart, when you like it. ;)


Shorty Music is compatible with:
• all iPhones and iPads with iOS 13 (or newer)

For iOS 12 users:
• You can download the last version of Shorty Music

Notice: Shorty Music (v.1.2.1) is the newest version for iPhones & iPads with iOS 12. Upcoming versions are going to be supported soon.

Download the last iOS 12 version here

Latest Release Notes - Feb. 8, 2020, 1:58 p.m.

What's new in v.

[Bug Fixes]

• Update error has been fixed


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