ShortcutDB (Incomplete)

An NLP CSV Database for Shortcuts.


Experimental, very limited api

Natural Language relational queries against CSV database tables. Supports multiple databases. Experimental. API Subject to change.

Part of the Intelligent Tools Collection

Working features

  • Select
  • Basic where clauses
  • Insert

Features in development

  • More capable where clauses
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Join

Select Queries

Queries are natural language and can be presented in a number of ways.

(select|get|find|fetch|read) (my|the)? #Column (and|with|plus|along with|include|including|also) #Column (from|in|out of) the? (my|the)? #Table table?

  • “Select id and tags from Words”
  • “Find my Id and Tags in my words table”
  • “Get my Tags from the Words table”
  • “Read the tags in my Words table”
Where Clause

Basic where clauses are supported that perform “contains” checks for string matching. I’ll add <, >, =, and != later.

where #Column and #Column contain

  • “Select id and tags from Words where Tags contain (cosine)”
  • “Select id and tags from Words where Tags and word contain (Trig, cos)”

Insert Queries

Insert queries use parentheses to wrap the row to be inserted, the row ID is an auto generated uuid.

(add|insert|create) (row|value|entry|values)? (into|add to|insert into|to)? #Table

  • “Insert (someWord,someTag) into Words”
  • “Add row (someWord,someTag) to Words”
  • “Create entry (someWord,someTag) add to Words”

Delete Queries

(remove|delete|erase) (from|row|entry|rows|entries) (from|the|out of)? #Table

  • “Remove from Words where tags contain (physics)”
  • “Erase entries from Words where tags contain (physics)”

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Latest Release Notes

1.0.4 - July 30, 2019, 7:04 p.m.

Adding delete queries

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