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A simple shortcut that searches an ISBN on iBook




What if you’re out at a book store and see a book that interests you but you want to end up reading it on your iPhone or iPad? Then this shortcut is quick and easy is for you! Instead of looking up the book title and trying to find the exact book, try looking up the 13 digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number) on the shortcut and it will easily find it for you.

I had this idea for a shortcut when searching up college textbooks and while some didn’t show up because they’re not available, but one did ended up showing up.

Example ISBN Number: 9780316069359 — This ISBN will link to a book called “The Fifth Witness” by Micheal Connelly.


Works with: iPad and iPhone

Requires: iOS 13 or later

Language: English

Supported Regions:

If it is in the red, then it will be available in the next update of ISBN Lookup. This shortcut is normally updated weekly or biweekly — I will add at least 5-10 every update and this may change after time. Just check below to see what will be in the next update as I always put regions there (hopefully) a day before it is released.

Africa, Middle East, and India:
  • Egypt
  • Kenya
  • Niger
Asia Pacific:
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippians
  • Hong Kong (English)
  • Hong Kong (香港)
  • France
  • Denmark (Danmark)
  • Ireland
Latin America and the Caribbean:
  • Brazil (Brasil)
  • Mexico
  • Peru
The United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico:

All regions supported in this section

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada (English)
  • Canada (Français)
  • Puerto Rico (English)
  • Puerto Rico (Español)

To see all regions from Apple’s Website please click here

Latest Release Notes

1.3.3 - Feb. 5, 2020, 1:43 a.m.

• Added the following regions:
- `Hong Kong (English)`
- `Hong Kong (Chinese)`
- `Ireland`
- `Peru`
- `Niger`
• Improvements and bug fixes

Version history