Wallpaper calendar maker


A wallpaper calendar agenda display utility to pull calendar events and format them into a table, overlayed on a background of your choosing, and set to your iOS device screen size. Has custom settings and also the ability to add some weather forecast info. I built it with iOS 13 Public Beta so it may not work for everyone quite yet. See the latest release notes for more information.

  • Screenshot of latest version: https://i.imgur.com/nuDr1zK.png

Screenshots of latest version

Latest Release Notes

2.3 - Sept. 5, 2019, 5:28 p.m.

* ☑️ Added two new settings: (1) Data Area Factor; and (2) Data Font Size. The default for Data Area Factor is .375 and was previously hardcoded. Made this a setting so you can customize how much area you want to take up. Essentially that’s 37.5% of your screen from the bottom going up. The Data Font Size was added because I had previously hardcoded xx-small as the font size and did not give an easy way to alter that. Now you can change it to other sizes. See the comments directly above the settings to determine the options for sizes. Note that you will need to change other settings to get the info to fit just right if you’re altering the text size (like the Title Character Limit or Vertical Offset).

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