A beautiful, customizable, wallpaper calendar for your lock screen or home screen


A wallpaper calendar agenda display utility to pull calendar events and format them into a table, overlayed on a background of your choosing, and set to your iOS device screen size. Has custom settings and also the ability to add some weather forecast info. I built it with iOS 13 Public Beta and is only compatible with iOS 13+. See the latest release notes for more information.

Screenshots of latest version on lock screen

Latest Release Notes

3.0 - Oct. 8, 2019, 10:11 p.m.

I've made SO.MANY.CHANGES. WallAgenda has totally been revamped.

Find a user guide, FAQs, and acknowledgements here: [http://bit.ly/WallAgendaUserGuide](http://bit.ly/WallAgendaUserGuide). If you have questions please consult the user guide. If you still can't figure it out then reach out to me (preferably via Reddit). Note that I changed my Reddit handle to /u/bretteiznem. Here's the link to message me: [https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=bretteiznem&subject=WallAgenda](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=bretteiznem&subject=WallAgenda). Please note, if you encounter data that doesn't render properly, that's because of a known issue in Shortcuts with iOS 13.2 Beta. Sometimes force-closing Shortcuts, restarting your phone, and re-running WallAgenda will rectify the issue.

\* ☑️ Overhauled settings dictionary

\* ☑️ Created Shortcuts/WallAgenda folder in iCloud (Files) for saving configurations, settings, and background image

\* ☑️ Split today & tomorrow items out their own sections

\* ☑️ Added Reminders section

\* ☑️ Created ability to only include certain sections of WallAgenda (lite version if you will)

\* ☑️ Fixed date highlight and end of month/beginning of month issues with calculations

\* ☑️ Made data alignment more seamless without need for tweaking vertical offset

\* ☑️ Added all-day event handling

\* ☑️ Create duser guide and FAQs

\* ☑️ Added handling for backing up settings and adjustments before updating to a newer version (only for 3.0 and beyond)

\* ☑️ Added handling for checking for and utilizing backed-up settings and adjustments file when running a version of WallAgenda beyond 3.0

\* ☑️ Added configuration to set device type so WallAgenda can automatically set the correct UI Scale Factor

\* ☑️ Added ability to auto-crop background image to phone dimensions

\* ☑️ Added ability to select background from URL in settings, Photos, iCloud (Files), or clipboard URL and save the selection for future runs of WallAgenda

\* ☑️ Prevented the numerical argument errors some were getting by not setting a required minimum # of events and iterating the fetching of data on repeat instead of by numbered variables

\* ☑️ Added some missing weather condition icons


Quick video demonstration of first run: [https://streamable.com/pbgvo](https://streamable.com/pbgvo)


![Lock Screen](http://tinyimg.io/i/vRCCP96.png)

![Home Screen](http://tinyimg.io/i/QEQc8K5.png)

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