Do Not Disturb While Sleeping (iOS 13)

Automatically sets your Do Not Disturb end time based on AutoSleep data


This version is for iOS 13 users only. It will not work in iOS 12. You can get the iOS 12 version here. The iOS 12 and 13 versions will automatically be merged once iOS 13 is officially released (if you have UpdateKit).

This shortcut will turn on Do Not Disturb for you, but also schedule it to turn off based on when AutoSleep thinks you'll wake up. Works both before and after midnight.

If you plan to make a Shortcut that you run in the evening before you go to bed, I don't recommend you just edit this one. Instead, make a new Shortcut, then call this one by using the "Run Shortcut" action. The reason is that if you did edit this one with your own actions, UpdateKit would delete them when a new version of this Shortcut comes out, and that would be sad.

General Info

  • Supports UpdateKit
  • Requires AutoSleep
  • Doesn't work on iPad
  • Requires iOS 13

Latest Release Notes

1.1.0 - Aug. 21, 2019, 9:37 p.m.

Added iOS 13 support and fixed off by one minute error in the notification

Past versions