TextScanner OCR

Translate, find phone numbers, urls, address, emails from images, pdfs, URLs, notes &action them


Identifies phone numbers, urls, addresses, email addresses and dates to action, share full text, or part text and translations.

From images using OCR, or text, files, pdfs, notes

You can search for notes to check, or check them all.

Note you will need an API key from OCR Space for it to work.


  • Share sheet, Clipboard, Photo Library, Camera, files, PDFs, notes

PDFs will use text if text is embedded, if no text is found it will OCR the pages to look for text.

Types identified and actions

  • Translate text
  • Phone Numbers - call number, message, share
  • URLs - view URL, share
  • Addresses - show in maps, share
  • email addresses - Send email, share
  • dates - create event, create reminder, show in calendar, share with the full text of scan/input in notes

Latest Release Notes

1.7 - Oct. 20, 2019, 5:09 p.m.

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