Get Airtable Records

Gets any Airtable Record, View, or Table to use in Shortcuts


This is a function that returns Airtable records using the Airtable API.


  • Return all records in a Table,
  • Records by View,
  • filter by Formula,
  • sort the returned results,
  • or just return a single record.


Call in any shortcut using "Run Shortcut". It is intended to be used as a function in other shortcuts.


Dictionary with query parameters


Resulting Records as dictionary.

Individual fields can be accessed by setting the result variable type to "Dictionary" and entering a Key that matches (exactly) your column titles in Airtable.


  • Your Api Key in a separate Shortcut named "Airtable Vars"
  • Your Api Key for Airtable
  • UpdateKit

Get Airtable Records

Latest Release Notes

0.3 - Jan. 9, 2019, 7:02 a.m.

- Added Paging to be able to fetch more than 100 records at a time.
- Added a notification bar to give more feedback when making API calls.

Version history