Futurama Soundboard

Good news, Everyone!


Sounds in this shortcut with 4 different categories to choose from:

Theme Song


• “Bring it on, Baby!”

• “I’ll have to check my program”

• “Alright, let’s make this quick”

• “Well I’m not doing it!”

• “That’s the one who programmed me for evil!”

• “Just because a robot wants to kill humans, that makes him a radical”

• “Alright, show’s over, I’m tired”

• “Would you kindly shut your noisehole?”

• “That’ll take forever”

• “I’m trying to watch my input”


• “Yea”

• “Here’s to another lousy millenium”

• “Eh, what’s the worst thing that could happen?”

• “Yahoo!”

Miscellaneous Characters

• Professor Farnsworth – “Good News, Everyone!”

• Leela – “Okay. If everyone’s finished being stupid”

• Zapp Brannigan – “Welcome to my humble chamber”

• “Welcome to the world of tomorrow!”

• “Come! Your destiny awaits!”

• Stephen Hawking – “I call it a Hawking Chamber”

• “Have a nice future”

Latest Release Notes

2.5 - March 25, 2021, 12:52 a.m.

- New shortcut iCloud link to workaround shortcut not found issue.

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