Bus arrival using Siri-Singapore

Get the bus arrival time for Singapore


Get the bus arrival time for Singapore. The goal is to have a hand-free experience without touching your phone. Hence some setup is needed.

Rename the shortcut to “Is my bus coming” and you just say: “ Hey Siri, is my bus coming?”. The shortcut will run and, depends on your location, reads to you the buses arrival time of the pre-defined bus-stop. For example, if you are at home, it will read/show buses for the bus-stop near your home. if you are at office, it will read/show buses for the bus-stop near your office.

The only site this shortcut visits is LTA site for data. Your privacy is protected.

You need to 1. Apply for an API key online from LTA. See comments in the shortcut for info 2. Give your bus-stop a name and provide the bus stop number. 3. Provide the bus services that you want to check. 4 provide the GPS coordinates of your bus-stop.

The default search radius for your bus-stop is 50km, which is for demo purpose. Thus you can just run the shortcut after you have provided your API key, without any further setup.

Latest Release Notes

2 - March 15, 2022, 12:31 p.m.

-Consolidates all settings to a dictionary
-Detect bus-stop by using search radius.
- adds routine to check the settings

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