You got to update!


The most practical and friendly updater available!

Easy to implement!

  1. Add a dictionary.
  2. Add 3 elements.
  3. In the first one, add “Name” as the key.
  4. Add “iGotUpdate” as its text.
  5. In the second element, add “Current Version” as the key.
  6. Add the version of your shortcut in the text box next to the key.
  7. Add “RHID” in the key of the third element.
  8. Enter the RoutineHub ID of your shortcut in the text box.

And you’re done!

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Latest Release Notes

1.06 - Aug. 27, 2020, 7:13 p.m.

- Rebranded from “iGotTech” to “JG Shortcuts”
- Small bug fixes

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