Weekly restrictions

A description to schedule a random selection of all day events for the next days


the idea behind

The idea for this shortcut started when I wanted to take a break from a couple of bad habits I have; basically I want to push myself to stay free from a bad habit for at least a day, in order to verify that I am not dependent on ite and to have more time for different things, diversifying my week.

what it does

When importing you will choose a list of "restrictions": for example, I want to have a day a week without browsing reddit, or watching youtube videos, or gaming.
I think the ideal list should be of seven items; in this way you run it at the beginning of each week and have a different week each time.
You can be creative obviously; for example, I put in a "free day", in which I have no restrictions, and a "only reading" day, to motivate myself to read a book.
After you choose your list, when you run the shortcut you will have in the calendar an all day event each day for the next n days (where n is the number of items in the list you set up).

how it works

It's pretty simple; it uses a list, then repeat with each: each time it chooses a random item and adds an event on k days from the current day (where k is the iteration number (e.g. the first random item is put on the next day, the second one is put on the second next day etc)

Latest Release Notes

1.00 - Oct. 19, 2018, 10:19 a.m.

Initial release