Backup your Shortcuts, easily see when backups were made, and how many actions they contain.


Backup your Shortcuts, easily see what Backups you have of a Shortcut, when it was made and how many actions the backup contains (unfortunately doesnt work with large sized Shortcuts eg with lots of icons held in Shortcut)

You can also share a Shortcut from within the Shortcuts app to Backup to Backup individual shortcuts.

Backups are saved to /Shortcuts/Backups

Works with Shortcuts Projects backups. Shortcut Projects takes a backup everytime you open a shortcut for editing.

Latest Release Notes

1.4 - Aug. 20, 2020, 7:14 a.m.

Updated for 14. Made folder aware, All Shortcuts is very hard to use if you have lots of Shortcuts due to 14. Added image menus on main menu.

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