Homework Planner

An easy way manage your homework!



Homework Planner is a Shortcut that is aimed to be used by students up to the age of 18, and it allows them to easily record and manage homework.

Homework Planner

The Shortcut to Homework Planner can be found here. Features include:

  • Add homework with details:
  • Subject
  • Task
  • Date due
    • 1 week
    • 2 weeks
    • Custom
  • View homework
  • Mark homework as complete

Homework Planner Admin

The Shortcut to Homework Planner Admin can be found here.

This Shortcut is required to set up Homework Planner, and it allows you to:

  • Manage subjects
  • Add a subject
  • Delete a subject
  • Rename a subject
  • View subjects
  • Remove homework
  • Remove all homework

It is important that you run this Shortcut first when using Homework Planner for the first time, otherwise the Homework Planner main Shortcut won't work properly.

Homework Planner Automation

The Shortcut to Homework Planner Automation can be found here.

Homework planner can be set up as an automation that runs daily to remind you:

  • Homework due for today
  • Unfinished homework

It also automatically removes homework that has been completed and past the due in date.

What's my homework?

The Shortcut to What's my homework? can be found here.

Now, you can ask Siri 'What's my homework?', and Siri will reply:

  • Total pieces of homework
  • Pieces of unfinished homework
  • Unfinished homework, including the following details:
  • Subject
  • Task
  • Due date




Homework Planner

Homework Planner Admin

Homework Planner Automation

What’s my homework?








Latest Release Notes

4.02 - Oct. 8, 2021, 3:34 p.m.

* fixed bug when viewing homework and all homework is complete

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