Use simple text templates to create emails/letters with time/date/choose from options iOS 13


iOS 13

Template lets you create a email/letter/text/message or fill in a simple text form using a simple text template you create. With date/time selectors and choose from list options easily added to your text template.

Select a template from notes, clipboard, .txt file, or send text through a share sheet.

Example Template

Example text for you to try out, try copying it and using the Clipboard option.




Dear <<Name>>,

I'm writing to you to meet about     

I was wondering if you are available to meet on <<Meeting Date %date>> 
at the time of  <<Meeting Time%time>>. To talk about the <<%number>> sales units.

<<This is an optional paragraph%include>>



Notes - When using notes it will take off the title before the final text is produced so you can eg call it Invite Template and it wont show in the final text.

Adding Fields

Simple text entry

Surround anything that needs insert with << >> and put a field name in-between like this

<<email to>>

Time entry

Put %time at the end of the field name like this

<<Time To Meet%time>>

Number entry

Put %number at the end of the field name

<<Number of units%number>>

Date entry

Put %date at the end of the field name like this

<<Proposed date of meeting%date>>

Todays Date

Put %todaysdate in the field


Choose From List

Put the field name first then each additional option all separated by |


Optional Paragraph

Put the paragraph in the field and put %optional at the end.

<<Thanks for your call the other day.%optional>>

Pick a contact to add an address

Using this will allow you to select a contact, then after confirming/editing will insert the address.





Pick a month. <<%month>>


You can setup some default includes when first running the Shortcut, or you can edit them in the dictionary action at any time.

Your sign off

Signature is a place for your sign off eg Name, Role, Company


Your phone


Your address

You can use an address you set at setup, or in the Shortcut dictionary action. When opening in Pages/HTML the address will be right justified. Because it is using HTML to right justify its not really an option if you want to output text. Use commas, to indicate you want to use a new line, commas are not shown in the output.


Example output opened in Pages

Latest Release Notes

1.5 - Sept. 18, 2019, 7:35 p.m.

Defaults added plus month/day picker.

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