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Introducing all in one shortcut.

Welcome to all in one shortcut, a shortcut filled and packed with many things you can do with it including playback of music, and just about everything. I know the shortcut may be a little buggy, some of it may be from me, and some are probably from Apple the way they designed shortcuts when they launched iOS 13. This shortcut is almost like all in one utilities, but it is a tad bit different. In fact, it's way different! It's filled with lots to do, not just utilities like, but way more control of what you can do with it. Here, you have the basic send text message which obviously lets you send messages. You can also record audio and video and save them. Using the record audio with Voice Memos action, you can use voice memo to record any audio you want. Instead of using the way to record using Shortcuts, it works for the voice memos now. You can also use text to speech, which is good. You can also use YouTube converter, which requires the clip converter shortcut to work. This is because the shortcut works with clip converter. You can get the shortcut here You can also convert text into photo, which you also need to download if you haven't already. Just go to my profile on RoutineHub and you'll see it. The reason why the clip converter has an iCloud link instead is because I can't seem to find it on routineHub anymore, and I have the shortcut so I put it there. The auction make your device to do random things also runs another shortcut I made called random shortcut which I haven't published here. But you can get it here: The first part of the shortcut, Siri says some weird things, and then the phone vibrates. The flashlight turns on and it takes you to a few webpages and other things too! The menu options play thumbprint radio and other options require that you have Pandora, the podcast app or iHeartRadio to work and they need to be downloaded in order to run these actions. Podcasts UCR my recommended podcasts, as well as some stations on Pandora except for thumbprint radio. If you already have thumbprint radio, it should play your songs that you already have. The podcast on my recommended podcast for you to check out. You can also listen to comedy and other recommended stations I put from Pandora, which I think you'll like. If you're a little nostalgic, you can also check out the 2000s pop station from Pandora. Due to the API used to show the random jokes, the API no longer works for some reason so the random joke action has been removed as of now. you can get the seven day forecast shortcut requires that you download NOAA multi-day forecast by Siri from the RoutineHub website. You can also block ads, which will go to ad block prime. This will install a configuration profile that will let you block ads using most apps, mainly a lot of apps. It's free to use. you can use this profile with your phone or your iPad, and most apps will be able to block some ads, including visiting websites. Are you can also listen to shortwave radio using software defined radio. it will take you to Where are you will get all the list of the web SDR's you can use to listen to shortwave radio on. I WebSDR is a software defined radio connected to the Internet, allowing multiple users to listen simultaneously. It's just like an SDR but online. When you go to the website, click on any receiver and you will be taken to a website that receives shortwave. A WebSTAR is a software defined radio connected to the Internet, which also means multiple users can use it simultaneously. Using, you'll have a ton of lists of stations to listen to using shortwave. these websites will let you listen to it, from all around the world. This shortcut also works with Seeing AI. can usually actually use so you can read text, and everything else it has. This shortcut also has sound effects to make it even more fun. Most of the sound effects are from windows computers (like Windows XP ). you can also convert text to a PDF. There's also calculate so you can do calculating like math, searching for Podcasts, as well as the random website option watch does the same thing like the random website shortcut. You won't need to download it for this one, so you can just go to it from there. The shortcut can also speak your IP address. This shortcut will continue to run after you did an action. After that action is done, then The continuation of the shortcut will happen until you hit exit, in which the shortcut will stop running. Want to share your Shortcuts? That's fine. You can do that with the shortcut. Just click on share my Shortcuts, choose a shortcut you want to share and it will be copied to your clipboard followed by a cool sound. This shortcut also works with Shazam, and you can use it to find music. After that, it will add the song into my Shazam tracks playlist. it also can upload photos to iCloud Drive, and you can play a random song from the 2000s. Hope you guys like the shortcut, as it's one of the shortcuts that I've worked more on. For nine months, all in one shortcut has been introduced with many things to do. This includes recommended stations from me. There's so many good things for you to check out here. So there you have it, a full description of this entire shortcut! As you know, the shortcut can work together with many shortcuts I listed, by using the run shortcut action. Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to leave feedback on the shortcut, and stay tuned for updates! Remember, the stations are podcasts are recommended by me.

Latest Release Notes

2.1.2 - Sept. 29, 2021, 12:51 a.m.

What's new: removed the action to block ads, since the ad blocker Adblock prime is known as spyware, according to a new study. It also doesn't work that much.
Changed the amount of photos you can back up.
Please note that if you have or are planning to run the shortcut in iOS 15, you might get the message The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSFileProviderErrorDomain error -1005.). As of right now I'm trying to find out the solution to this, although this may be an iOS 15 thing. Because all the files used for the shortcut are downloaded, so don't know why it's showing that.

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