Airtable Toolkit Bundle Downloader / Updater (for UpdateKit)

Checks all Airtable shortcuts that are part of the Airtable Toolkit for an update


The Airtable Toolkit is broken up in reusable functions to make it easy to create new and flexible Siri Shortcuts with ease. Unfortunately, with the way that UpdateKit is right now, it would run every time ANY of these functions were called. Possibly 10x within ONE shortcut.

So instead of that, I made a Manual Update option that checks each component for an update, whenever you want, and doesnt run every time.

In addition to checking for updates for each function (shortcut) of the Airtable Toolkit, it also looks for newly released functions and gives you the option to download them.

Current Airtable Bundle Includes:

The Main Worker Functions:

Example Implementations Using the above shortcuts-as-functions:


  • Checks each shortcut that is part of the Airtable Toolkit for an update to reduce the number of UpdateKit pings
  • Checks for new releases to the Airtable Toolkit
  • Can be adapted to work with any bundle of shortcuts.
  • Adapt to send someone a bulk


  • Just click, and it will check for updates or new releases.

How to implement in your own shortcut

  • Add a single field to the UpdateKit Dictionary in your shortcut with key "updateType"
  • Add IF statement that looks for forced updates.
  • Put remaining shortcut steps in the "Otherwise" branch of the IF statement
  • Example

Airtable Toolkit Updater

Latest Release Notes

0.3 - Jan. 9, 2019, 6:51 a.m.

Fixed the link for the “Airtable Vars” shortcut

Version history