Recipe Clipper

Save recipes from the web to your notes app.


Recipe Clipper

The best recipe organizer is the notes app you already use!

The Recipe Clipper shortcut helps you to collect your favorite recipes, all nicely formatted, browsable and searchable, right in your notes app.

Choose from the following notes apps:

  • Apple Notes
  • Bear (coming soon)
  • Evernote (coming soon)
  • Keep It (coming soon)


Notes on Recipe Clipper:

  • Extracts recipe title, main photo, ingredient list, instructions, portions, cook time, prep time, author, and link to original webpage
  • Relies on the presence of structured data within the source webpage. If the page does not include a structured data representation of the recipe, specifically Microdata or JSON+LD, Recipe Clipper will not detect a recipe to clip.
  • The first time the Recipe Clipper is used on page within a specific Internet domain, Apple’s security measures require the user to grant the shortcut permission to access information on the page. After some use, these dialogs are rarely displayed when using the shortcut. Recipe Clipper does not collect or transmit data on its usage or its users, nor does it rely on third-party solutions that do so.

Feedback to @J3FFR0G3RS.

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Latest Release Notes

0.01 - Sept. 24, 2019, 11:41 p.m.

Initial developer internal release