A Premium Updater with Speed.


Introducing UltraUpdate.

UltraUpdate is a brand new Updater. UltraUpdate not only lets you Check For Updates where your shortcut is running, but also lets you Check For Updates on all of your shortcuts. By zachary7829.

For Developers & Users:

Based off of QuickUpdate

You want the best speed possible with an Updater. That’s why UltraUpdate is based of QuickUpdate, to ensure speed.


Checks For Updates for itself

When UltraUpdate Checks for updates for your shortcut, it also checks for updates for itself, so you can always be up to date.



UltraUpdate is packed with features, so not only can you enjoy Speed, but features as well.


Easy to Switch

It’s very easy to switch to UltraUpdate, since UltraUpdate has a built in data transfer to transfer data from Check For Updates and Swing Updater into UltraUpdate.


Custom Themes

UltraUpdate supports custom themes, so you can choose how UltraUpdate will look for you. It’s your Updater. So, why not make it look unique?



UltraUpdate has less than 190 Actions! Check For Updates alone has 300+, and Swing Updater has 400+!


Support For One, Support For All.

By adding support, your users cannot only choose UltraUpdate, but also QuickUpdate & QuickUpdateEX.



QuickUpdateEX, QuickUpdate, and UltraUpdate all support multi-decimal.


Worded Versions

Thanks to 0Masking, QuickUpdateEX, QuickUpdate, and UltraUpdate all have the ability to use worded versions. QuickUpdate & UltraUpdate are the first updaters to support this, and (currently), the only updaters that support it.



How do I add support?

It’s easy - just have these actions:

Create Folder (UltraUpdate/Updated)

Create a dictionary with Current Version, RoutineHub ID, and Shortcut Name in your dictionary!

Save File as (UltraUpdate/Updated/(RoutineHub ID).json

(Note: Make sure the save file action saves the dictionary, and replace “(RoutineHub ID)” with your shortcut’s RoutineHub ID)


You said this was coming back in July! What happened?

I spent most of my time working on other shortcuts then.


What iOS version is UltraUpdate for?

UltraUpdate works for any device that runs iOS 13 or 14!


@D3W10 - For use of his vCard Menu Creator Shortcut


@pfg - For The Original Idea of Check For Updates


@D3W10 Again - For the first one to create a successful and working combo of an Updater, and a Checking-Updater.


@dastefster - For suggesting the idea of the shortcut name being displayed when Checking updates for all shortcuts.

Beta and Bug Testing Server

Join the Discord Server to test Betas and report bugs of my shortcuts!

Latest Release Notes

Halloween Edition 2020 - Oct. 31, 2020, 11:06 p.m.

Happy Halloween! This update is for halloween (obviously) with a new spoopy pumpkin icon for Installing Updates!


Version history