Toggle Appearance

The first ever Siri Shortcut for toggling between Light & Dark Mode with just a tap of the shortcut!


Introducing, Toggle Appearance, the first ever Siri Shortcut for effortlessly toggling between light and dark mode with just a tap of the shortcut on your iOS device.

Whether you prefer a bright and vibrant display or a more muted and low-key look, this shortcut makes it easy to toggle between the two modes for your device appearance to suit your preference and the time of day.

Note: What comes as a slight inconvenience, this shortcut is only widget compatible when switching the appearance from Dark to Light mode, and not from Light to Dark mode.

This shortcut was inspired by the IsDarkMode shortcut created by @supermamon, and has been modified to function as a toggle/switch. The original shortcut can be found here IsDarkMode.

This shortcut was rendered obsolete with the release of iOS/iPadOS 16 due to an update to the “Set Appearance” action within shortcuts where Turn appearance to Light/Dark could be set to Toggle and do what this shortcut does, simply by using a single action. Therefore, I will not be updating this shortcut for iOS/iPadOS 16+.

Latest Release Notes

3.1 - March 25, 2021, 12:47 a.m.

- New shortcut iCloud link to workaround shortcut not found issue.

Version history