Memories Toolkit

Animated heat maps and other ways to visualize photo sets.


This shortcut will search photos and generate different types of maps.

  • Heat maps
  • Animated heat maps
  • Thumbnail maps
  • Animated thumbnail maps
  • Pin maps
  • Path maps

Here is an example of an animated heat map.

Animated heat map

The following video is an example of an animated heat map that has been combined with video extracted from "Live Photos" (quickly edited together with the LumaFusion app)

Animated heat map with Live Photos

You will need a Google Maps API Key. You can get one here or try "developer mode" by using it without a key.

This is a large shortcut so you might want to learn how to use the new scroll features on iOS 13 to make installation quicker.

Additional documentation is available in the shortcut.

Screen shots

Tips: Heat maps work best with a large number of photos in a small geographic area. Try limiting your search with GPS coordinates. It's faster and more accurate than using city and location names.

Reporting bugs: Email me at [email protected] or send me a message on Reddit.

Latest Release Notes

0.8.2 - Nov. 7, 2019, 12:08 a.m.

New: Animated thumbnail maps. Photo thumbnails "drop" onto the map in the order they were taken.
Improved: Search engine filters out duplicates (for location searches). Deduping can be disabled from the advanced search menu.

Version history