InstaProfile Monitor

Monitor profile picture changes from a self-compiled list of Instagram users!


InstaProfile Monitor

This shortcut monitors changes to profile pictures from a self-compiled list of Instagram users and save them to your Photos!


  • Returns changes to profile pictures as photos and lets you save them to your Photo Roll in the highest quality available
  • Fast & reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Get a notification whenever a new update of the shortcut is available. Thanks to @pfg's Embed-a-Update shortcut.

Be sure to check out my other shortcuts "InstaUltimate" and "InstaUltimate Lite" which download Instagram stories, profile pictures, and posts directly from within the Instagram app!

Latest Release Notes

1.0.2 - Jan. 24, 2020, 9:41 p.m.

*IMPORTANT* When you run the shortcut for the first time or when it finds changes for the first time, make sure that you give access to every url (including “https://scontent-***……” and “”) when it is asked by the shortcut. This only has to be done once and allows the shortcut to download profile pictures directly from Instagram, but on rare occasions this may happen again.

- You now get notified when the shortcut has checked 25%, 50%, and 75% of the total amount of users
- Screen will now always stay on during the process of checking, and will turn off after (so you can leave the shortcut checking and find your iPhone locked, depending on the “Auto-Lock” settings, after it is done
- When the shortcut is checking, the brightness is automatically lowered to save the battery, and will be restored to the initial brightness after
- If the shortcut fails to check some users during the normal check, it will automatically check the failed attempts
- After checking, the shortcut shows the total amount of time spend to check every single user (160 users takes 4-6 minutes)
- All the changes will be instantly saved to the Photo Roll (REMOVED: Added option to select which changes to export to Photos)

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