Autocuts Admin (iOS 13 Only)

Create, view, and manage Autocuts on iOS


Want to automate like Autocuts on iOS 14? Check out my native iOS app: MFC Deck and the MFC Deck Autocuts shortcut.

Autocuts Admin

Autocuts brings automatic running of shortcuts — with no zero confirmation required — based on time, location, and web activity. A background shortcut manager, Autocuts works intelligently behind the scenes to execute shortcuts automatically while you use your iOS device during the day.

For those who have been wanting Personal Automations in iOS 13 to be a little more, say, automated, Autocuts is for you. Stop confirming and start running your time, location, and web-based shortcuts automatically with Autocuts!


Autocuts is part of the Autocuts Suite set of automation shortcuts for iOS from Adam Tow:

Download Autocuts Suite Installer from »

  • Autocuts: the shortcut manager that runs your shortcuts continually in the background throughout the day.
  • Autocuts Admin: the shortcut for creating, viewing, and managing your list of background shortcuts.
  • Location Triggers: shortcut that manages and runs all of your automatic, location-based shortcut triggers.
  • LimitKit: an event logging and rate limiter for shortcuts. LimitKit allows you to set the run cadence of your shortcuts (e.g. one minute, fifteen minutes, two hours, three weeks, etc.).

Autocuts Admin Settings

Latest Release Notes

1.1.10 - Dec. 17, 2019, 6:51 p.m.

- Added quit command to main menu.

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