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bitin (Device Tweaker)

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iOS 13
Introducing bitin! To allow the user to have the best experience possible, bitin now uses QuickUpdate: Integrated Edition! There is also a new warning when running Bitinistra.

657 downloads 2 years, 10 months ago
iOS 13
Welcome to bitin! This update features a LOT of bugfixes and optimizations for iOS 13. bitin now only has 537 actions! bitin is optimized so that its vCards take up less space. bitin is now compatible with Omega Power Mode 4.0.1! RCD - Lights is now fixed to have the correct URL. Other changes to make bitin more stable and enhance user experience have been made.

493 downloads 2 years, 10 months ago
iOS 13
Introducing bitin! This update has changes to make sure the user has a good and fast experience.


1.7 2 years, 11 months ago
iOS 13
Introducing bitin 1.7! This update has three brand new tweaks: Save blobs, Create your own Web App, and Get a Custom Keyboard! Bitinistra has a brand new app, Detector! This update also changes links back to, and a bug has been fixed with Email Support. Other Stability improvements.


1.6.2 2 years, 11 months ago
iOS 13
bitin 1.6.2 has optimizations to make bitin feel snappier, and lighter. This version of bitin takes up 1.6MB.


1.6.1 2 years, 11 months ago
iOS 13
bitin 1.6.1 makes the shortcut faster and take up less space, and has slight improvements to the user experience.


1.6 2 years, 12 months ago
iOS 13
Introducing bitin 1.6 - A major update to Bitinistra, an even bigger update to bitin. First off, Bitinistra has 7 new apps: Apple Event Bingo, Bruh, Fily, IPSW X, MobileMiner, RCD - Lights, and WaterDrop. Second off, 4 new tweaks have been introduced: Supermoji, Scheduled Message, Notification Spam, and Hide Bloatware Applications. Third, a brand new option is available: Email Support! Small changes have been made to enhance user experience.


1.5 3 years ago
iOS 13
Introducing bitin 1.5! This update adds in a brand new Boost Internet Speed tweak, as well as a brand new Check System Build tweak! Share bitin has been changed to Support bitin, and now has options to Heart on RoutineHub, and Like on ShareShortcuts! The old versions of bitin didn’t force https. 1.5 does, making your data more secure. Bugfixes to the Safari Invert Colors tweak, Create Alarm tweak, and more.


1.4.5 3 years ago
iOS 13
1.4.5 has Stability and Speed improvements and is recommended for all users of bitin.


1.4.4 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 13
bitin 1.4.4 improves stability with the setup.


1.4.3 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
Introducing bitin 1.4.3! bitin 1.4.3 provides many stability improvements, as well as a brand new detail when setting up bitin telling you how long your setup was! Works on both iOS 12 & 13.


1.4.2 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
Introducing bitin 1.4.2! This update is compatible with iOS 12 & 13, and provides many stability improvements and bug fixes over the last release. For one, bitin 1.4.1’s setup was bugged on iOS 13 devices - now that issue is fixed. Then, there was the issue that bitin may detect untampered versions as tampered, also fixed. There have also been more issues that have been fixed. Optimizations for boot time. More secure than ever!


1.4.1 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
Introducing bitin 1.4.1! This will most likely be the last iOS 12 release for a while. bitin 1.4.1 MAJORLY optimizes bitin! The old boot of 1.4 used to be: Get All Shortcuts > Update > bootcheck > bitin. Now, 1.4.1 is bootcheck > Update > bitin! Please be aware that bitin will continue to not support piracy, as the main point of bitin is to tweak your device and not support piracy, and this update embraces that point even more. Please be aware that this version of bitin may get system files to double-check that pirated material is not on your device. Don’t worry - this information isn’t collected, and it is only kept on your device. By downloading this shortcut, you agree to this use.


1.4 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
Introducing bitin 1.4 - a major update to bitin. This update adds semi-Swing Updater support, to while not support updating for Swing (unless you count UpdateConverter), this does support Swing’s SFU. This update also adds a brand new, “Has My Password been Leaked?” Tweak, to check if your passwords are secure. 1.4 also adds 4 more apps to the main Bitinistra Menu, making Bitinistra have 15 apps now! Including a brand new app that wasn’t even seen before on The Alt Store before, GoodNight! bitin’s User Interface has been updated from Bitinface to the brand new Bitinface 2! Bitinface 2 makes the interface overall more consistent. Minor Changes to improve User Experience. I hope you like this release!


1.3 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
Introducing bitin 1.3, coming with a brand new absolutely stunning User-Interface called Bitface. This is an absolute MAJOR update for bitin! 1.3 also has a brand new Change Updater For All Shortcuts Tweak. 1.3 also changes the white exclamation mark on notices to now be red - it’s probably for the best, anyway. I mean, who wants a white exclamation mark on a white alert? iOS Themes now warns that they are going off of bitin and to a website unaffiliated with bitin. Minor changes for a better user experience.


1.2 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
Introducing bitin (Device Tweaker) 1.2! This update adds in a TON of new tweaks! Including: Cool Down Device, Turn off OLED, Tilt Web, Turn Off iOS Animations, Maximum Volume ULTRA, an Performance Mode! While Bitinistra itself hasn’t had any changes this release, The Alt Shop has gotten a massive overhaul, making it actually usable! Water Eject has been changed to Eject Debree from Speakers. Block Revokes has been updated to work on the latest release. Flashlight Disco has new XXS, Medium-ish, Longer, and XXL options! Other Minor Changes to improve user experience. Optimizations to make bitin even faster than before!


1.1 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
Welcome to bitin (Device Tweaker) 1.1! This update COMPLETELY REVISES the App Shop, and is now Bitinistra!


1.0.1 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
bitin (Device Tweaker) 1.0.1 improves flashlight disco with new XS and XL options, and improves the User Experience for System-Wide AdBlock,


1.0 3 years, 1 month ago
iOS 12
The FIRST version of bitin!