Sonarr management


Version 2.00

  • Added setup step for selecting your preferred quality profile. Step will only run once.

  • Added notification to adding series

  • Switched to pretty menus for selecting actions

  • added single episode search. When searching single episodes you can pick the release you want. This can take a bit to return results if there are a bunch of results. Results will not return if a file is rejected.

  • Added episode downloaded out of episode monitored to series choice list to quickly see at a glance if episodes are needed.

  • Added queue option to view your currently downloading files

  • rearranged shortcut to speed up start up avoid downloading API calls to Sonarr when not needed.

  • Search missing episodes in a series. Either 1 or many.

  • All series information is sorted a-z, and with pretty pretty pictures next to the names.
  • Add a new series to your list of shows. All shows will search on add.

1) API Key. Found in settings-general-API

2) Sonarr url This should be set to ‘http(s)://IPorHOSTNAME:PORT/api’ if no base URL. http(s)://IPorHOSTNAME:PORT/baseURL/api’. If you use a reverse proxy ‘http(s)://IPorHOSTNAME/baseURL/api’

3) root path where you store you media content. i.e /media/Synology/Content/TvShows

All configs are stored in iCloud and never kept in the shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

2.81 - Oct. 23, 2019, 2:51 p.m.

Version 2.81
- Removed sourcing old key value that was causing error if value didn't exist.

Past versions