Sonarr management


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Main Menu

All the core features of your Sonarr server right on your iPhone. ![alt text](  


Choose from any of your monitored shows and quickly search for an episode. Supports automatic (multiple selection allowed) or single episode search which lets you choose a specific release. ![alt text]( ![alt text](  

Add a show on the go

Quickly add a new TV show to your Sonarr server. Searches for new shows include poster graphics, and once you make a selection you are presented with a brief description of the show to make sure you get the right one. ![alt text](  

Check what's downloading

Quickly see what episodes are currently being downloaded. With information about ETA and what protocol being used. Tapping a menu item will give you a plot summary for that episode! ![alt text](  

And a couple more features as well

  • Edit the monitored and unmonitored status of a show
  • Delete a bad episode file, or just remove it from your sever to free up space.
  • Lots of details in almost every menu.
    • File format type, size on disk, video quality, total amount of episodes out of the total aired episodes just to name a few.
  • Guided one time setup. All configurations are stored in your iCloud Drive and never in the shortcut.
  • New features are added on a consistent basis, so be sure to install UpdateHub to always have the latest version.  
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Latest Release Notes

4.13 - March 22, 2022, 3:08 a.m.

- fixed bug in episode search

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