Blind Diary

A stand-alone and intuitive Diary to help you reflect.


Ever wanted to write a diary? Not exactly a fan of handwriting? And all the apps on the App Store either cost a fortune or are simply not fun to use? Don’t enjoy always seeing a wall of text of previous entries? Perhaps this shortcut can be a good alternative.

Blind Diary allows you to make new entries on the go, automatically adds date and time and saves them to a file. You can always access it through the shortcut, but won’t be shown the contents without asking for them.


Everything is automatic: Your diary will be ready on the first run

Adding entries within the shortcut or in any other text editor (using share sheet)

Viewing statistics about your Diary (with share functionality)

Viewing the Diary (using HTML pages) as a whole or reading individual entries

Editing Entries from the past

Exporting your Diary as an HTML Page, a fully customisable plaintext file or as a ready-to-print PDF journal/book

Earning Badges for being an active writer! Motivate yourself and earn the benefits to a healthier lifestyle

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Latest Release Notes

2.4.1 - April 12, 2020, 10:03 p.m.

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• Made achievement checks optional. Your progress will always be checked for when visiting the Badges tab.
• Achievement checks will be done in the shortcuts app by force, as it crashes in the share sheet.

Past versions