ActionCuts embeds shortcuts within shortcuts and extracts actions from existing shortcuts.


ActionCuts is a powerful tool for embedding shortcuts within shortcuts and extracting actions from existing shortcuts. ActionCuts can:

  • Insert complete shortcuts or action blocks inside of other shortcuts.
  • Extract action blocks from shortcuts.
  • Save expanded shortcuts back to your iOS device.
  • Save action blocks in the ActionCuts Action Blocks Library for convenient access to your favorite code snippets.

ActionCuts is an essential tool for any developer making complex shortcuts. Developing and maintaining your shortcuts has just gotten a lot easier with ActionCuts!

Full documentation available at:

Watch the launch trailer for ActionCuts on YouTube.

ActionCuts Before and After: From 3 to 182 actions in just a few taps!

Selecting a shortcut containing ActionCuts Embed Comments.

Latest Release Notes

1.1.8 - July 26, 2020, 2:27 p.m.

- Added Russian localization (from ZJ-Adram)

Past versions