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Waiting for your favorite TV shows can be a pain, so this Shortcut was created to alleviate some of that pain off you


TV Shows Countdown features

  • Dark Mode support
  • Beautiful and clean interface
  • A real-time countdown adapted from Advanced Countdown
  • Episode descriptions / synopses and Airdates
  • Promos / Trailers from Television Promos
  • Reminds you when an episode airdates
  • And much more…

Set up

  1. Press 'Settings'
  2. Press 'Add'
  3. Search for your favorite upcoming TV Shows
  4. Select the correct TV show
  5. Rerun the Shortcut and press 'Start'
  6. Repeat as many times as necessary

Startup Page

After you have finished setting up your Watchlist, all you must simply do is press ‘Start’. You will be presented with a beautiful interface of your Watchlist and will be asked to select a TV show from it.

Start TV Show


After you select the TV show from your watchlist the shortcut will open up a beautiful HTML document with Light/Dark mode support. It will present the tv show’s poster along with its next episode’s name, number, description, and countdown.

Light Mode

TV Light

Dark Mode

TV Night

Calendar Integration

This Shortcut does add calendar events for when an episode airdates.

If you would like to have it automated then I would suggest creating an account with EpisoDate.

Instructions to add your TV Shows to your Calendar can be found here, Link.


EpisoDate Calendar Integration


Watchlist Settings

  • View [View your Watchlist]

  • Add [Add another tv show to your Watchlist]

  • Remove [Remove a tv show from your Watchlist]

  • Edit [Change the Posters, Backdrops, or Thumbnails of your shows]

  • Reset [Reset your entire Watchlist]

Shortcut Settings

TV Show Settings


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MediaKit Credits iOS 13


Latest Release Notes

5.4 - April 8, 2020, 4:13 p.m.

Version 5.4 Release Notes

- Navigational buttons turn to a nice shade of blue when pressed so you will know if you pressed them or not
- All episodes include the name in parenthesis with smaller font size, aqua color, and italicized
- In ‘All Episodes’ when you press one of the episode links in the TOC it will now have you a little space so the episode name won’t be covered by the season banner
- Calendar events instead of Reminders for new episodes
- Made the episode summaries in the ‘All Episodes’ page a bit smaller

- Total Actions: #451
- Created on iOS 13.4
- Released at 2020-04-08

Version history