Google Directions

A shortcut made for Google Maps. It can choose a starting point, destination and transport mode.



This shortcut was made by @davidt2808 (Reddit)

What Does The Shortcut Do?

This shortcut works with the Google Maps app (only on iOS) to take in a starting point, destination and mode of transport and then open Google Maps with the information you just gave. You can use your current location for the starting point and you can set a default destination for the shortcut. This shortcut uses UpdateKit, I will only update if there seems to be bugs/issues found in the shortcut or if I find ways to make the shortcut more efficient and faster.


Find any issues or ways to improve? Let me know by giving feedback on this shortcut page or by messaging me on Reddit! This is my first shortcut that I've made for public use! Let me know what you think of it! If you have suggestions or want me to make a version that uses dictation (voice), let me know! :)

How To Use The Shortcut

When using the shortcut for the first time after downloading/installing, it will ask you for a default destination, if you use maps a lot to get to one certain place a lot, you should make that location your default destination so you don't have to fill it in all the time (be accurate and enter the full address of this location unless you have a place saved on Google Maps with a simple name). If you don't enter anything here, the default destination will be "Home", you should have a home location saved on Google Maps if you want this to work.

When using the shortcut normally after setting up, it will ask for mode of transport (driving, public transport, walking and cycling). Choose one from the menu shown. It will then ask you to fill in the starting point, leave this blank if you want to use your current location (must have location enabled on Google Maps app). Please be accurate with the locations, it's best to use actual addresses than the names of shops etc. For example, it's better to use "The Electrical Shop, 1 Battery Drive, AE1 4JE....." than "The Electrical Shop". It will then ask you for the destination of the journey. Leave it blank to use the default destination that you could have set when you set up the shortcut. Be accurate with the address if you can if you are entering it manually. The shortcut will open Google Maps, if this shortcut is used for the first or second time, the shortcut will request to open Google Maps, this will go away after the first or second time so the shortcut instantly opens after entering the destination.

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Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Nov. 23, 2018, 11:44 p.m.

Updated shortcut glyph to replace unavailable Google logo glyph in latest version of Shortcuts. Any feedback or feature requests? @davidt2808 on Reddit.

Past versions