Meme Generator (toolbox pro edition)

Offline editor that adds text on images as well as combining images. Powered by toolbox pro.



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This is a fork of my shortcut Meme Generator (text on image, and image on image) with Toolbox Pro (Premium) to make it easier for users download my original version if you do not want to use Toolbox Pro. Only the image on image feature uses Toolbox pro. Internet connection is only used for updating the shortcut.

This simple meme generator/maker that allows you to put text on images and join images together. Currently, images that you want to use for the shortcut have to be saved to the Photos app to use the shortcut, as well as the output. Or input can be from any image that is activated through the share sheet. Other implementations are currently being developed

The image on image feature is adjustable, allowing users to change which image comes first, as well as joining images horizontally or vertically.

The shortcut can adjust images to your liking up to 100 times before needing to be saved (but the limit can be adjusted to be longer. I just put the limit as 100 as I thought it may make the shortcut slower. Also, cause I thought no one is going to have to use it more than 100 times in one go.) Report bugs in the comments

Tested operating system: iPad OS and iOS 13.1

Time taken to create this shortcut: 9 hours

Latest Release Notes

1.0.5 - Nov. 6, 2019, 10:50 a.m.

Initial Fork