Smart Shuffle - Supports iOS 14!

A smarter way to shuffle!



Smart Shuffle is the best and easiest way to let you shuffle from an artist, a song, top 25 songs, etc.

Version 7.0:

  • Adds iOS 14 Support!

  • Edit queue/save playlist unlimited times through new routing system!
  • Filter to Shuffle changed to “Suggestions” with all new layout and special features.
  • Faster experience with -50 actions!
  • Support for new features coming soon!
  • Auto updates once a day...
  • New Add Songs button allows you to add songs to the beginning or end of the queue.
  • New Option in Play Menu allowing you choose songs to ban (never play again) and remove from queue named (Choose Songs to Ban).
  • Bug Fixes..
  • Fixed a glitch in preferences displaying the wrong button.
All-New “Suggestions” Feature Shown Below!


Easy 2-Step Process!


  1. Choose a way to shuffle. (Optional: If the option you chose requires an input, like an artist name, etc. then enter it.)

  2. Choose a way to play like: Play Now, Play Next, etc. (Optional: If you choose edit queue, you will have to choose songs, etc.)



So many features including: Shuffle After Song, Shuffle From Artist, Play Top Songs, Shuffle From Playlist, Favorites, Suggestions and More. After selecting a shuffle option, you can opt to either play now, next, later or even edit the current queue, add songs to the beginning or end, or save it as a playlist! There is also an included Embed Updater!



Smart Shuffle is happy to offer a selection of themes including Dark Mode and Light Mode as shown above. These themes combined with a feature called “Auto-Theme” which allows Smart Shuffle to automatically switch from dark to light mode when you switch to dark from light mode on your phone, creates an amazing aesthetic with this shortcut. And don’t worry, this feature does not affect speed at all!


This shortcut is made for iOS 14. If you have any issues with it, please contact me: @thatAppleSheep on reddit. The graphics were made with MediaKit.



Download Now:


Latest Release Notes

7.1 - Sept. 23, 2020, 6:01 p.m.

- New Presets Under "Filter" in the Play Menu!
- Fixes Choose to Ban Icon For iOS14

Version history