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Make your shortcut more fun by allowing the user to customize the name of the file they're saving, or edit the text that is going to be presented in an html etc.  


•Changing fonts  
There areis 20+ fonts to choose from, thanks to Changemeister so a big thank you to him!

•Emoticons There is 40+emoticons to choose from, and you can make fun stories out of them!

This is a way to add a little bit of custom fun into the mix! ex: F•l•a•r•e•s (emoticons are added afterward so they don’t get mixed up and messy!



Please mod this to your own needs for your shortcut you’ll want to publish! It’s easier on the user if your shortcuts, and nicer if they can download less! It can be used by a /run edit ultra/ block, I recommend using an embedding shortcut and edit this shortcut around as needed.


Possible uses

•Naming files  
•Media kit accessories, (look at the banner!)   •Naming your shortcuts!  
•Changing the font for a lyric finder or similar!

Latest Release Notes

3.8 - Dec. 3, 2019, 8:32 p.m.

Bug fix

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