The Simpsons Randomizer (Disney+)

Plays a random episode of The Simpsons on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV


The Simpsons Randomizer

Disney+ is the exclusive home for streaming all Episodes of The Simpsons. Until now there are 30 seasons and more than 650 episodes available. Unfortunately Disney+ forgot to offer a random episode option.

That's why I built this shortcut which chooses a random Simpsons episode and plays it either on your iOS device or even on your AppleTV.

The shortcut has two options to choose from:

  • either it starts the playback of the chosen episode directly or
  • it shows a little summary page with details of the episode before playing

The first option might be better for full automations where user interaction is not desired. The second one looks more slick and offers the possibility to abort if you don't like the chosen episode at all (very unlikely).

Upon installation the shortcut also asks for your desired target device where you want to watch. Besides watching on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch it's possible to choose your Apple TV here as well! In this case your iOS device will AirPlay the episode to your Apple TV automatically.

Of course you can change your decisions later by editing the Shortcut. You can also build an automation, e.g. NFC-triggered which just runs this shortcut. You can also use a Siri phrase to run it. Since iOS 13 Siri is using the name of the shortcut for that. So you could rename it and say: „Hey Siri, eat my shorts“!

Preconditions: You need an active Disney+ subscription and an iOS device with the Disney+ iOS app installed. If you want to have the summary page, please install the Scriptable app as well. If you want to use an Apple TV please make sure to install the Disney+ app there as well.

Preview (with details page):

Screenshot: screenshot

Latest Release Notes

1.1.1 - Sept. 14, 2021, 4:03 p.m.

fixed import questions, added season 31, fixed detail view, let Siri read the chosen episode

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