Release Update

Release updates to RoutineHub & your Discord Server


Made for iOS 14 Release Update Banner



  • Customizable numeric passcode
  • Encoded API Key
  • Spell checker
  • Ability to release an update without input
  • Matches the Shortcut’s name with its RoutineHub’s title, thanks to Publish Update
  • And MUCH MORE!!!


The API Key will be encoded by a simple base64 encryption.

The PIN Code will be encoded with a base64 and SHA512 encryption.


  • iCloud Shortcut Links
    • Share Sheet
    • Clipboard
  • From within Release Update itself


Light Mode


Dark Mode


Schedule Updates

Go through the exact same steps in the images above but instead of pressing ‘Release Update for...’ press instead on ‘Schedule for Later’.

Then create an automation and make sure to turn off ‘Ask Before Running’ or otherwise it will not work. Then add a Text action and paste what is in your clipboard into it. Last, but not least, add a Run Shortcut action set to Release Update and you’re good to go.

Discord (optional)


  1. Create a Discord Server
  2. Create a Channel for the Webhook to post all of your Shortcut releases
  3. WH Steps

  4. After the Webhook is created, copy its URL. Ex URL:

  5. Open Shortcuts and run 'Release Update'
  6. Press Discord Settings and then Change Webhook
  7. Paste the Webhook URL into the space below the Question
  8. Done ✅


Text Version:

Ex Text

Embed Version:

Ex Embed


Due to Webhook limitations the only way you can ping a certain role except @everyone and @here is by getting the role id and putting it in this format: @&{role_id}. You can get the role id by typing \ and then the role name. Press Enter and then copy the output which is the role id.

MediaKit Credits iOS 13


Latest Release Notes

2.1.2 - March 24, 2022, 3:13 a.m.

Version 2.1.2 Release Notes
- Automated Action Count is back 😁

- Total Actions: #335
- Created on iOS 15.4
- Released at Mar 23, 2022

Version history