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Shortcut to share podcast episode links


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This shortcut will help you to share podcast episodes between platforms.

All you need to do is Share the podcast link to the shortcut and it will ask which platform to share to, and how to share the link at the end.

Note: Pocket Casts support is currently limited to sharing from Pocket Casts to the other platforms. In the future, sharing to Pocket Casts may be possible to add in

Example sharing instructions from Spotify to Castbox

Share sheet 1 of 2 from Spotify Share sheet 2 of 2 from Spotify

Sometimes when sharing to the shortcut, the episode link cannot be grabbed for Castbox. You'll be notified of this and it will try grabbing the show/channel link

Show and Episode ID and error notification

Output Share Menu

output share menu

Latest Release Notes

1.9 - Nov. 13, 2020, 9:30 p.m.

Version 1.9 Release Notes
- Adjust Cashbox searching method. It now just grabs the link to the show. The links to the individual episodes was too inconsistent

- Total Actions: #223
- Created on iOS 14.2
- Released at Nov 13, 2020

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