Easily update shortcuts


A shortcut that allows other shortcuts to stay up-to-date, by adding just 2 extra actions!

How to include


Create a dictionary with the following keys:

name       : Your shortcut's name
id         : The RoutineHub ID of your shortcut
version    : The latest version of your shortcut


Attach your dictionary to a Run Shortcut action, and set the "Shortcut to run" option to SwiftUpdate

That's it!

Your shortcut will now check for updates whenever it reaches these two actions!

Include them at the start for automatic updates, or add them to a menu if you want to allow your users to choose when to update.

❗️ Remember to update the version number in the dictionary whenever you add a new version to RoutineHub!

❗️ Don't use letters in your version names, since they are removed when checking for updates.

Latest Release Notes

3.0 - Oct. 10, 2020, 3:17 p.m.

* Completely Rewritten from the ground up!
* Supports iOS 14
* Almost 200% faster!
* Less actions, more features!

New Features
* Proper tutorial showing how to integrate with your own shortcuts
* Manual self-updating
* Works with all version formats (except those which include letters)

To access the tutorial or self-update, just run the shortcut without an input.

Version history