A shortcut that messes with the flashlight and other settings.


Here it is, a long waiting time before releasing. I originally called the shortcut flash, but is now flashy. You can now get it here. This shortcut is a very weird and strange shortcut. It makes the flashlight flash on and off as it was a fire alarm strobe or something. It repeats that for about 400 or something times. It also says the appearance from light to dark. Guess what? This action repeats about 5056 times! That's right, it actually does happen. After that, it makes your brightness go down from 0% to 100%. It won't do it that much. It could also be used as a hand warmer because sometimes the device to make it warm. Also, sometimes it makes the device go slow when running XD. On a sidenote, you should run this using a full battery, or enough battery. The shortcut could decrease battery life. So if you like to watch your device do random stuff, this is one of the things you must get. you could even probably use this as a prank if you wanted. Watch as the fun starts. This could also be an experiment to see how devices react to all these changes and also repeating the same settings.

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Oct. 18, 2020, 3:08 p.m.

What's new, changed how many times the flashlight turns on and off. This will repeat 1,105 times.
The shortcut will now turn on and off LED flash. This will repeat 384 times.
Set appearance action has been updated. It will now repeat for 7,701 times.
Happy flashing!

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