I'm Up

Have Siri greet you in the morning and give you a briefing!


Welcome to I'm Up!

this is an all in one morning routine designed with the HomePod as a focus.

just say "Hey Siri, I'm Up" and she will do the following.

Greet you, give you the date and time, calculate the number of days till a specified event (defaults to Christmas) read off your calendar events and reminders, and finally, it will ask you if you want to hear the news from an RSS feed of your choice, or if you want to play music.

NOTE: the RSS news reader feature will ask you if you want to hear more about the headline of an article. with the HomePod and Siri, you can simply say "Yes" or "No" and she will do different things.

Have fun! let me know what you think!

Latest Release Notes

3.9 - Sept. 15, 2020, 9:08 p.m.

Version 3.9 Release Notes
- small fixes for iOS 14 compliance (release date is September 16th)
- REMINDERS ARE BACK BABY! Siri will now read off reminders with your calendar events.
- NEXT DAY HAS BEEN FIXED! Some bugs and accidental skips have been resolved. Go nuts!
- calendar events and reminders are presented in a new way! Siri now reads them more naturally and knows the difference between 1 and multiple of each.
- calendar start time’s are read for all events. Now you get an ACTUAL breakdown of the calendar instead of only getting the first events start time. May your day planning move smoothly!

Next up:
In the following 4.0 patch, I plan to integrate more dynamic word choice with Siri so she will sound more natural. I also want to incorporate a function to run a shortcut real quick as part of your flow. This way, she can take care of it all, and you don’t have to do it!

This next feature is a work in progress... I will be incorporating weather lighting in the routine to give visual feedback on your day. This is highly Experimental. But stay tuned all you crazy home Automators.

- Total Actions: #286
- Created on iOS 14.0
- Released at Sep 15, 2020

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