I'm Up

Have Siri greet you in the morning and give you a briefing!


Welcome to I'm Up!

this is an all in one morning routine designed with the HomePod as a focus.

just say "Hey Siri, I'm Up" and she will do the following.

Greet you, give you the date and time, calculate the number of days till a specified event (defaults to Christmas) read off your calendar events and reminders, and finally, it will ask you if you want to hear the news from an RSS feed of your choice, or if you want to play music.

NOTE: the RSS news reader feature will ask you if you want to hear more about the headline of an article. with the HomePod and Siri, you can simply say "Yes" or "No" and she will do different things.

Have fun! let me know what you think!

Latest Release Notes

4.0 - Oct. 14, 2020, 12:52 p.m.

What’s new:
- adaptive weather lighting! For advanced users, you can figure lights to change based on the daily forecast. You will need to go into the shortcut and manually configure it.
- run a shortcut! You now have the option to run a shortcut as part of the routine!
- the shortcut now logs the last time it was ran. This will be used for updating and determining when configuration is necessary.
- new changes in how NLP requests are ha handled. Experienced users can now add confirmation triggers within the shortcut. More actions will take advantage of this later :) this will also reduce the action count.

These seem small, but a lot of thought and work went into testing and implementation. Because of that, I would like to thank u/mvan231, Charles, Martin, and Rubric for all their help in testing!

- Total Actions: #333
- Created on iOS 14.2
- Released at Oct 14, 2020

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